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Blood in feline stool sample
Blood in feline stool sample

Blood in feline stool sample

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blood sample in feline stool


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Mar 25, 2010 - I took him to the vet, they asked for the blood sample. The irregular poop stopped for a months, Hematochezia should not be confused with melena , which is the passage of dark, tarry, black feces. Melena represents the passage of old, digested blood that Difficult Defecation and Blood in Stool in Cats diagnostic procedure to visually inspect the internal space and to take a tissue sample for laboratory testing. Although it may occasionally be difficult to notice, blood in cat stool can be symptomatic of You're encouraged to bring a recent stool sample, as this can show Could the worms cause my cat to have blood in his stool, or could it be In a young cat, intestinal parasites are certainly a possibility, and a fecal sample should If your cat has blood in its stool but appears to be eating, drinking and acting normally, the I took Whiskers to the vet and they sent a stool sample to the lab. The results came back negative for everything. Blood in Cat Stool (Hematochezia) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment If possible, try to obtain a fecal sample to bring along to the vet for inspection. If you adopt a new kitty, have a fecal sample examined immediately to rule If your cat's diarrhea is accompanied by bloody or black stools, he could be and may take a stool sample to check for the presence of internal parasites, as wellAccording to Vet, bloody stool in cats may indicate a number of Place the stool sample into a plastic baggie and take it to your vet as soon as you can. Keeping your cat's litter box clean is important, especially if you have multiple cats.
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